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A couple of weeks ago, we’ve announced 7 bands for the 39th edition of Rock Herk on Friday 14th & Saturday 15th of July. Today, we’re proud to share the first half of all the bands that will be present at Rock Herk 2023. More band names will follow over the course of a few weeks.

On the main stage, Nitrogen,The Haunted Youth and The Hickey Underworld will be joined by Warhaus, Mura Masa (UK), Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Dikke, Jack Vamp & The Castle of Creep and Mayorga.

Our second stage, Club, hosts some solid rock and alternative music. Front 242 and Meltheads were already announced, and they will be joined by Sons, Warmdüscher (UK), Tramhaus (NL), Deadletter (UK), Hemelbestormer, Oi Boys (FR), Huracan and Crouch.

Dansbaar is a stage for everyone who loves dance, trance and electronic music. Tiga (CA), Anthony Rother (D), Mella Dee (UK) and Biesmans will be part of it.

Our most unique stage, Street, hosts Niels Orens and Wrong Man after previously confirming Barno Koevoet & The Duijmschpijkers and No Prisoners.

Ticket update! At the start of ticket sales, the 100 group tickets (4+1) were sold out immediately and meanwhile almost half of the tickets have been sold.

Regular tickets are still plenty available at this very moment. Rock Herk is always sold out way before the start of the festival. So we strongly advise you to buy your tickets in advance. Tickets for Rock Herk are available online at www.rockherk.be.

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