This weekend was supposed to be the party of the year with lots of awesome acts from all around the country and beyond. Unfortunately a bat from China decided otherwise. There is no doubt your musical heart is bleeding as much as ours and that is why we want to offer a patch on the wound during these Rock Herk days.

Yesterday we warmed up with a comical video  made by Rock Herk host Luc Haekens. Today we go for the real deal. We went to the empty festival site with The Sore Losers and Stijn Meuris to commemorate the postponed comeback of Noordkaap and the cancellation of the festival appropriately. This resulted in an amazing video with to unique Noordkaap songs and a short interview with Stijn Meuris (4x Rock Herk) and record holder Cedric Maes (8x Rock Herk).

We also have good news. The amazing bands we announced previously will be transferred almost completely to 2021 and we also added two new acts to the line-up. The next couple of months we will announce around 20 more acts for Rock Herk 2021!

There is more good news! Despite of the fact that 2020 will be a difficult year for the organisation, the ticket prices will remain the same for 2021. A combi ticket can be bought for €56! Tickets for Rock Herk 2021 are available via Beware! Previous years Rock Herk was sold out before the start of the festival. Festival visitors who buy their ticket right now will be sure straight away to have access to the festival site.

Already bought a ticket for Rock Herk 2020? A few weeks ago you received an email with the option to exchange your ticket to Rock Herk 2021, or if that doesn’t fit towards 2022. Next to that, you also had the option to get your purchased tickets reimbursed fully, with the exception of booking and service fees. And WOW! You proved once more that Rock Herk fans are an amazing crowd! An astonishing 95% immediately chose to exchange their ticket while only 5% chose the refund. This is an enormous band aid on our musical heart, especially in these strange times. THANK YOU for that!

Rock Herk 2021 will take place on 16 & 17 July 2021 on the sports grounds Harlaz-Olmenhof in Herk-de-Stad. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook & Instagram page for more news about Rock Herk or subscribe to our newsletters via

picture © Raymond Lemmens

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