Full line-up & update ticket sale


We’ve already announced most of the bands performing on the 39th edition of Rock Herk on Friday 14th & Saturday 15th of July. Today, we’re proud to share 12 final acts that will be present at Rock Herk 2023 to complete the line-up.  

Hideous, a new formation by members of Ramkot and Rhea, will complete the lineup of Main Stage. Steve and Affaire will open Main Stage, selected by Farrm, a local organization to support emerging talents. 

Post-metal band Stake will join our Club stage. There will be an exclusive reunion of Circle, who will be back together on stage to live up to their name as melodic hardcore legends. Finally, Hippotraktor completes the lineup for Club. 

Kleine Crack & Slagter will be performing on Street, following Stikstof en Dikke on Main Stage as hip-hop artists. Scottish DJ and producer Ewan McVicar, Belgian talents Asa Moto, A local Hero, Niels Kenis & Ruben VSB and Eridu will play a DJ set on our pimped and upgraded Dansbaar stage. 

Ticket update! At the start of ticket sales, the 100 group tickets (4+1) were sold out immediately and meanwhile almost 80% of all tickets are sold.  

Regular tickets are still plenty available at this very moment. Rock Herk is always sold out way before the start of the festival. So we strongly advise you to buy your tickets in advance. Tickets for Rock Herk are available online at www.rockherk.be. Combi ticket - €73 // Day ticket - €45. 

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