Full line-up en ticket update


A couple of weeks ago we already announced some first names, including headliners as dEUS, The Vaccines, Noordkaap and Mogwai to perform on our Main Stage. This summer will be packed with festivals. Still, Rock Herk makes the difference by prioritizing music. We’ve added 22 new bands to complete the line-up! 

As usual, Rock Herk offers a vast amount of ‘harder music’ on the Club stage, our second biggest stage. We proudly present Danko Jones, Wiegedood, DIRK. and Praga Khan to fulfill the line-up. Maurice Engelen's band (Praga Khan) will be playing one of their last festival shows ever. Subsequently, some international bands like the Canadian band Crack Cloud and the American band Nothing are also added to the time-table. The line-up of the Club will be completed by ShhtPothamusWHORSES and Frankie Traandruppel, aka Lee Swinnen's new alter ego.

Let’s dance at the Dansbaar stage! Some new artists like John Noseda, DTM Funk, Séa, Monks. and Inner Hotel Records will be blasting dancybeats through the speakers all day long. 

CJ Bolland will be closing the Main Stage at Saturday, the 17th of July. Other new bands performing at the Main Stage are Still, Sam De Nef, Lo-Lee-Ta and Westhinder.

Lastly, we’ve added two more bands at our most infamous and unique Street stage. The frontman of Stake will be demolishing the asphalt of the street with his electronic band BRENNT und KLAKMATRAK, just as the garage rockers of Mitraille will do. 

Previously confirmed: dEUS / The Vaccines (uk) / Noordkaap / Mogwai (uk) / De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig / M.I.K.E. Push Portland / Millionaire / School is Cool / Bluai ILA Brutus / Beak> (uk) / Godflesh (uk) / Ramkot RHEA / Peuk / Faisal Borokov Borokov / Bicurious (uk) / John (uk) / Ronker


Attention: Rock Herk is always sold out way before the start of the festival. After selling 500 Early Birds and 200 group tickets (4+1) in a couple of days, 70% of the tickets are already sold out. Festival visitors who decide quickly are therefore immediately assured of access to the festival site. Tickets for Rock Herk are available online at www.rockherk.be  at €39 for a day ticket and €65 for a combi ticket. 

Festival visitors who are in the possession of credits from 2020 or 2021 could use their discount code which has been emailed earlier. 

Rock Herk will take place on 15 & 16 July 2022 at Harlaz-Olmenhof in Herk-de-Stad. Make sure to keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more news, or subscribe to our newsletter via the website www.rockherk.be.

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