Only two days left till Rock Herk 2019! Since a few years we try to invest as much as possible into sustainability by introducing a detailed waste policy, call-to-action on the festival grounds, eco teams, public transport et cetera.

We prefer to positively engage the festival visitors to participate in these sustainable activities. For example, camping visitors will be rewarded with free coffee and a croissant if they hand in a full garbage bag on Sunday between 8am and 12am.

On the festival grounds we work with eco-teams who clean up the the terrain during the festival, we have an eco station where people can win gadgets by throwing empty cups and PET bottles into a banner and on top of that festival visitors can hand in empty cups in exchange for food/drink tickets!

Public transport is also a main part of our sustainability plan. Together with De Lijn we provide a free festival bus which shuttles between Rock Herk and Hasselt station (platform 19). Visitors of the festival can also use the normal schedule of De Lijn.

Besides these sustainable measures, we want to pamper our camping visitors first of all by introducing the NOEN camping stage and secondly by offering them an extensive breakfast on Saturday morning for 10 euros (4 food/drink tickets).



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