People with disabilities / ear protection

people with disabilities

Rock Herk is making extra efforts to make sure the festival is accessible for people with a disability.

- There's an information stand on the festival site in case you need more information.

- On the site of the festival and on the campsites there are adjusted toilets for people with a disability.

- On the visitor parking in the Houwijkerstraat parking places are provided for people with a disability. You can park here on reserved places when you can show your special parking card.

- Guide dogs and dogs for special assistance are welcome on the festival site.

More information: send an e-mail to



We advice you to wear earplugs to avoid damage to your ears. Earplugs are available on the festival site. We advice you to find a quiet spot to give your ears some rest once in a while.

Headphones for children

Children younger than 12 can enter the site of the festival for free when they are accompanied by an adult and when they wear protection for their ears. Headphones for children are available at the information desk and can be lend when you give your identity card.

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