opening hours

Ticketing office
Friday July 16: 15h00 - 02h00
Saturday July 17: 13h00 - 02h00

Continuously open from Friday 16 July 10:00 - Sunday 18 July 12:00.

Festival site
Friday July 16: 15h00 - 03h00
Saturday July 17: 13h30 - 03h00

festivalguide (do's and don'ts)

It's strictly forbidden to light fires.

Flammable liquids are not allowed. 

Gas fires, barbeques, fireworks and the like are not allowed on the campsite. There is a designated area to prepare food on a gas fire. 

Glass is strictly forbidden. 

Weapons and drugs are prohibited. 

Dogs and other pets are not allowed. 

On the campsite, camper vans and caravans are not allowed, only tents are allowed. 

Marquees exceeding 3 metres are not allowed.

Motor vehicles are not allowed on the campsite and also not on the site of the festival. There is parking for motor vehicles and bicycles. 

Wild camping on or around the site of the festival will not be tolerated. Those camping wild will be asked to leave immediately. 
On the campsite, no places can be reserved. Our security team will make sure camping takes place in an orderly fashion.
Infringements of these rules will result in irrevocable removal from the campsite. The ticket for the campsite is non-refundable. Repeat offenders will be handed over to the police.

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