Following the decision of the Security Council, the 38th edition of Rock Herk, which would take place in a few months will be postponed to 16 & 17 July 2021

We are convinced this is the only right decision. The safety and health of our festival visitors, volunteers and artists are still our priority, followed by the quality and experience of the festival. After weeks of uncertainty it became clear that these cannot be guaranteed. 

For the first time since the first edition in 1983 there will be no Rock Herk in the summer, which is hard to grasp. However in these peculiar times, it is our task to stay positive and to look at the future in a positive way.  

What does this mean for the line-up
A lot of artists had already been confirmed and announced for the 38th edition of Rock Herk. We assume we will be able to keep most of these artists for next year. We already started negotiating. Quite a bit of artists were already confirmed, but not yet announced. We will communicate about this at the right time as well. 

What does this mean for your tickets
Everyone with a ticket will get the value of their purchased tickets offered as a voucher. This voucher can be spend during two years on several Rock Herk products (festival tickets / food & drink tickets / camping tickets / …). Next to that they will have the option to get a full refund of the purchased tickets, with the exception of the booking and service fees. The organisation does call to choose the option of the voucher as much as possible. A lot of costs have already been made in favour to the edition of 2021 and this way we can bridge this gap for the most part.  Everyone with a ticket can expect an e-mail regarding the practical handling at the latest at the end of June. 

There is no other course but to keep following the measures of the government the following weeks and months. Only then will we be able to enjoy the summer together with friends and family, even though it will be one without festivals. 

Through this message we want to express our profound sympathy once more for everyone who has become a victim of the coronavirus. 

Big shout out to our Rock Herk fans whom are active in the health industry or other essential professions! 

Keep it safe and take care of each other. ❤️

Team Rock Herk


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