Friends of Rock Herk,

For some weeks now we are living in a strange and uncertain world. More and more questions are rising about whether or not Rock Herk will take place on Friday 17 & Saturday 18 July. 

Unfortunately we do not have a conclusive answer based on current knowledge. We hope of course the festival can carry on as planned, but at the same time we are aware that there is a chance this will not be the case. 

At the moment we have insufficient information both from the government and the evolution of the coronavirus to make a correct and well-considered decision. For now we keep on preparing as if the festival will happen. 

We want to make this clear: if we cannot guarantee the safety of our festival visitors and our volunteers fully, or if there are any doubts concerning the quality of the festival, we will not hesitate to cancel the 38th edition of Rock Herk and postpone it to 2021. 

Through this message, we would like to express our condolences to every person that has become a victim of the coronavirus. 

A big shout out to every Rock Herk fan who is active in the healthcare industry or other essential professions! 

Keep it safe and take care of each other.


Team Rock Herk


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