opening hours

A campsite ticket is valid from Friday morning 10 o'clock July 12th until 12 o'clock (noon) on Sunday July 14th.

You can only buy a seperate campsite ticket when you already have a ticket for the festival.

do's & don'ts

Keep the festival free of waste. Glass, cans, plastic bottles and cartons are not allowed on the festival site. At the entrance, visitors may be searched. If you don’t participate you may not enter the festival site. Sticks and sharp and dangerous objects are not allowed. Dogs and pet animals are not allowed on the festival site and on the campsite. 

At the entrance of the festival is a free parking for bicycles.

The Red Cross is on the festival site in case of an accident. People with a disability are welcome. 

Distributing flyers or putting up posters is not allowed at the site of the festival, on the campsite and in Herk-de-Stad. Contact if you want to promote your festival and rent an add on the news ticker.


The campsite is in the Houwijkerstraat on a meadow close to the Harlaz forest, about 400 metres from the site of the festival. There are showers and toilets and on Saturday morning visitors can buy breakfast at a reasonable price. Tickets for this breakfast can be bought on the website or you can use the food and drink tickets from the festival. There will be a bar on the campsite. 

Pay attention! People who stay on the campsite first have to register on the campsite in the Houwijkerstraat, not at the entrance of the festival. There will be tickets left for the campsite at the cash desk on the campsite. 

campingticket is 12 euro in presale.

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