Line-up complete

dr lectroluv

Rock Herk releases the names of some special acts that will appear on the festival next Summer, to celebrate 35 years of Rock Herk.

On a party, you have to dance. That’s why the French electro hero Etienne De Crecy and Dr. Lektroluv are part of the line-up. After five years, the members of Rave Our Souls are back in business for some showtime. Franky De Smet-Van Damme from Channel Zero will play a set as dj, and The Whatevers and Goe Vur In Den Otto, almost resident dj’s of the festival, can not be missed on this festive occasion.

There’s also more live music to complete the line-up. The Sheila Divine will play an exclusive festival show on Rock Herk. On the main stage,Meuris, Equal Idiots, Whispering Sons and Elysian are added to the line-up. Fresh Blood, Rock Herk’s rock rally, delivers two amazing acts: Heisa and The Waltz.

The Club is the stage for louder bands, such as the American bands Ignite, Dog Eat Dog and Blacklisted, plus Ice Age, Bear and Clench Your Fist.

And there will be a new stage, Street, where a stage will be lacking. The American drum sensation NAH and the experimental rock band Gallops will be playing very close the audience.

Earlier confirmed their coming: Black Box Revelation / Dinosaur JR. / Millionaire / Booka Shade / Channel Zero / Warhaus / Jacle Bow / Tout Va Bien / Deez Nuts / Brutus / Oathbreaker / Double Veterans / The Black Heart Rebellion / Mountains To Move.

That’s not it! In 2017, Rock Herk is more than a stage for good music. Again, there’s a cooperation with Bazaar Bizar, a lovely market with vintage, handmade and second hand stuff. It’s a place to discover vinyl, find unique objects, enjoy a delicious cocktail and dance on the beats of Bazaar Bizar Discobar. Participate? More info here:

Beware! The previous years, Rock Herk was sold out. So buy tickets on time and you’ll be sure to be able to enter the festival. Check for tickets or go to a place where tickets are being sold. Be quick if you want to buy a group ticket (4 + 1 for free).

Rock Herk 2017 takes place on Friday July 14th and Saturday July 15th on the sports grounds Harlaz-Olmenhof in Herk-de-Stad.  

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