After announcing the previous impressive names, Rock Herk adds 32 more special acts to the line-up to make the 37th edition of the festival the biggest party ever. 

This party won’t be complete however, without a lot of Belgian acts. Previously we announced dEUS as the headliner for Friday. On Saturday the headliner will be a combo of two of Belgium’s finest acts: Novastar, who are better than ever and The Van Jets, who will tour the summer festivals one more time before calling it quits. Dr. Lektroluv will conclude the festival with a massive party on Saturday.

We welcome a lot more awesome bands on the Main Stage this year like The Sore Losers, Warhola, Jaguar Jaguar, Isbells, Black Leather Jacket, Danny Blue & The Old Socks and Flashback Force.

We wouldn’t be Rock Herk if we didn’t include some rough bands for the second stage, the Club, like Stake, who are starting fresh with a new name and a new single, like the Canadian band Metz, UK’s And So I Watch You From Afar, Psycho 44, Psychonaut, Hemelbestormer, Celestial Wolves and Vonnis.

For those who love the atmosphere of the Club and like to party, Goe Vur In Den Otto and Pelace will give you a live partyset late at night.  

Our unique Street stage gives you that special face to face experience with the bands and has developed a certain cult status. Joining us in this experience this year are Vandal X, The Guru Guru, Peuk and Bolt Ruin.

Release your inner party animal at our ‘Dansbaar’ Stage. Party masters are Poldoore, Alia, Dj Suspect, Bibi Seck, Jules-X, Soulboys vd Rudeboys and of course our resident dj’s Mr. Critical and Up To Eleven

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